Artists Statement

My name is Rowan Love, I was born in San Luis Obispo County and raised since I was 3 in Humboldt. I am 20 years old and a full time student and mother. I have been dedicated to art ever since I can remember. I remember thinking it was strange to me how anyone would ever want to be anything except for an artist. To me making art was the only thing I could imagine doing with my life. I have always used art as a way to define myself. I have never solely identified with one medium, I find that there are so many ways I can express myself, I just like the feeling of being limitless. I get so much out of being around other artists and art, It’s really inspiring to be a part of a community that puts so much value on the arts. Since the art I do is my unique interpretation of the world around me I am often inspired by the classes I take. I love learning as much as I love art and I think that’s because art has so much to teach. My creative process teaches me just as much as someone might learn from something i’ve made. My daughter Aurora is also a huge influence in my art, she is constantly teaching me new things and showing different ways to view the world.

I hope my art brings you as much joy as it’s brought me!


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